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Master MahaVajra


A modern day enlightened spiritual master

His teachings contain wisdom from more than 30 years of experience on a spiritual path. He masters oriental and occidental spirituality alike, yet most of what he teaches he acquired during his enlightenment experience. Although he is a Buddhist Acharya (master), his teachings are from Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Christianity, and are non-dogmatic. He teaches healing to holistic healers, empowerment to martial artists, ESP to justice enforcers (police, swat, security agencies...). We are all ONE.

Transformational approach

Our Kuji-In teachings are the result of more than 20 year of experience of the nine hand seals techniques from many traditions. Maha studied meditation and self-transformation with many masters, and learned the Nine-Hand-Seals from studying ancient manuscripts of each tradition. He did not wish to lock his avenues to a single path. He is an active student of many spiritual paths, although he is a Buddhist Priest. Students of a specific path might want to complement their studies with the guidance of an authority of their selected school, if need be. We use different terminologies belonging to these different paths so we can understand each other while communicating. We teach the "transformational approach", which is a tool easy to adapt to other approaches. It is not a path in itself, thus you remain free to travel the path of your choice.

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